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...the right way goes a long way!

Ever wonder why so many pitchers end up with arm injuries, or why a small hitter can hit rockets, while his/her giant friend has no power what so ever? The answer is mechanics.

Generally, strength plays a major role in any athletic activity. But using good mechanics throughout that particular activity enables the athlete to minimize injuries and maximize potential.

The purpose of this website is to educate players, coaches and parents about good baseball mechanics. When ball players throw, hit and catch the ball with good mechanics they experience individual success and heighten the amount of fun they have on the field. And when the players are doing well and having fun, their teams are doing well and having fun.

Anyone can learn good baseball mechanics. Yes, we will still have ball players who can do more than others. But, this is a reflection of natural ability, not necessarily mechanics. Good mechanics can be taught to anyone, regardless of skill level, so that they may be the best their natural ability will allow them to be.

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